Deepika Padukone launches own self-care brand, 82°E

Deepika Padukone, a Bollywood actor, has launched her own self-care brand, 82°E. Her brand will provide high-quality, high-performance products with the goal of making self-care simple . She is a pioneering advocate of mental, physical, and emotional well-being.

82°E brand will launch with skincare as its inaugural category this month. 82°E skincare products are formulated by in-house experts and each product combines an Indian ingredient with a scientific compound which is made into a powerful formula. 

She shared on social media, two years ago they set out to create a modern self-care brand that was born in our country, India, for the world. As it is pronounced eight-two east, the brand is inspired by the standard meridian that runs longitudinally through India and shapes its relationship with the rest of the world. At 82°E.official they are on a mission to make the practice of simple self-care. So she is so thrilled to share and launch this brand for the people. 

The launch of the 82°E brand also marks Deepika Padukone’s entrepreneurship and she is expanding her mission behind a distinguished legacy to inspire people to live authentic lives beyond professionals as an actor, producer, and mental health advocate. 

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