Allari Naresh is a movie that has impressive power in all languages

‘Itlu Maredumilli Prajanikam’ is a movie produced by Rajesh Danda under the direction of AR Mohan with Allari Naresh and Anandi. A pre-release event was held recently on the occasion of the film’s release on 25th of this month. Hero Sri Vishnu, who came as a guest, said,  Allari Naresh’s fun, we will enjoy it a lot. He was also impressed with different movies like Gayam and Nandi. He should do more great roles. ‘I want this movie to be a success,’ he explained.

Naresh said, ‘We named producer Rajesh as Mini Dil Raju. Two more films were started before the release of the first film. Anandi had a three-month-old baby when she started this film. But she struggled a lot. Many people think that this is a serious movie. But 40 percent of it is comedy. 60 percent is emotion. This is a movie that has the ability to impress in all languages, ‘ he said.

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