50 crore pre-release business for Samantha Yashoda’s movie

Samantha is a brand! Since her debut in the film industry, Samantha’s journey has gone on to become a strong influence at the box office. She has created a special level of fan following comparable to her star heroes. It must be said that there are very few actresses who have been able to maintain this stardom for so long on  with the heroes. Movies like Oh Baby, U-Turn is proof of Samantha’s stardom.

Samantha’s new movie Yashoda is the latest example of that. The film is creating records in the pre-release business. According to reliable sources, Yashoda has sold more than 50 crores. Yashoda took digital rights for 24 crores, satellite rights for 13 crores and overseas theatricals for 2.5 crores.

And the theatrical business of both the Telugu states was sold for 11 crores

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